Kutan Edit

The content in the world of Vakasiya in which our story (currently) takes place.

Mavarin Edit

Mavarin is by far the largest and most dominant of the kingdoms upon the continent of Kutan, but it is by no means the only one. And while it has already absorbed many of its poorer neighbors -- in most cases, quite willingly -- there are other formidable powers in the land.

Cities/Townships Edit

Neversung Edit

In the southernmost reaches of the continent, where the wind is damp and the forests dark and labyrinthine, a mysterious people have consolidated their power. Living within land that brushes the Fey has changed them. They are sharp of feature, capricious and otherworldly. These are the Elves. Those who attempt to reach Neversung without the guidance of one of its peculiar denizens, may find themselves walking forever through a wild land that routinely disobeys its own cartography. But these Elves are no mere tree-dwellers. Their city is small but dense, urban in a way that few civilizations have attained, and steeped with intrigue too complex for any but lifelong citizens to understand.

Vazuna Edit

To the northeast of Mavarin, Vazuna stretches along the upper coasts of Mavarin. It is a nation ruled by coin, and governed by a council of its most powerful merchants. They are home to unmatched shipwrights, and provide Throne with much of its most exotic luxuries and goods. It is a land where greed is a virtue, and your value is measured in the weight of your purse. It is the home of perverse opulence and abject poverty, living side by side. Nevertheless, it represents the closest thing to stability on Kutan, aside from Mavarin itself.

The West Edit

Beyond the Hagspine mountains, the western wildlands represent a world as yet untamed. The peoples are scattered, most separated into little more than tribal cultures. Little is known of this barbaric land, save that the people who inhabit it are hard and unyielding. Mountainous ruins still stand here, the remnants of peoples long forgotten by history. Without the press of progress, they remain a broken graveyard to a past that none remember.

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